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Refugees in family

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Refugees in family

Living together, opening the doors of one's home and sharing one's daily life and social networks. An opportunity for coexistence and intercultural exchange between Italian families and refugees of all backgrounds. A stimulus to change perspective, to know the world that knocks on our doors, to build together a true civilization of welcome. "Refugees in the family" was born as a national experiment at the beginning of 2015 as part of the Protection System for Asylum Seekers and Refugees (SPRAR) and more precisely in continuity with the project "Terra d'Asilo", which has the City of Fidenza as its leader, and the project "Una città per l'asilo", which has the City of Parma as its leader. From 2015 to date, 38 refugees have been welcomed, including 31 adults and 7 minors. The families and communities that have welcomed have been a total of 18.

Who are the accepted refugees?
There are more than 200 asylum seekers and holders of protection included in SPRAR projects managed by CIAC onlus throughout the territory of the Province of Parma. They are people who have fled from wars and persecution, seeking protection in Italy after difficult experiences of migration and pre-migration. In SPRAR projects they receive legal support, reception, Italian courses, orientation for integration.
But often this is not enough. At the end of the project there may still be a missing piece to be able to walk on their own two feet. A family welcome can make the difference.

Who can welcome?
Any family living in Parma or its province can offer to live this experience. A family nucleus, however it is composed, can make available its domestic space to host a refugee. Not only a roof and material goods, but above all a network of support and relationships to continue the journey towards integration.
To live an experience of solidarity and sharing, with the opportunity to compare the experience with other families, being able to count on a constant technical and relational support.

What the project provides?
  • Accommodation for a maximum of 9 months
  • Monthly reimbursement to families
  • Continuous support and dedicated moments of verification by specialists in asylum and family psychology
  • A project operator (psychologist) dedicated to supporting the dynamics and concrete practices of reception
  • In case of difficulties in the reception, guarantee for the refugee to return to the SPRAR project
  • Community moments of confrontation and socialization

How to join?
Welcoming is a generous and open gesture, but it cannot be improvised. If you are interested, or even just curious about the project, fill out this short online form and you will be contacted immediately without obligation by CIAC staff. 
If, after an initial cognitive interview, you confirm your willingness to participate in the project, a path of in-depth study will be opened in parallel to the identification of the refugee who will live with you.
Your availability can be offered at any time, there is no deadline or call for applications.

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