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Wonderful World

WW si apre alla città
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opens to the city!

Do you need a place to study, organize meetings or meet new friends?
Wonderful World becomes an open place to be together and have new experiences.

The reception house managed by Ciac, opens to the city. Every Wednesday (16.30-19.30) and Saturday (15.00-19.30) you can come to discover a welcoming place, open to all, able to respond to the needs of the territory and to be a reference point for the city.

Every Wednsday (16.30-19.30) and every Saturday (15.00-19.30) 
Info: wonderfulworld@ciaconlus.org

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Wonderful World

The "Wonderful World" project was born in December 2019: a house designed to give protection and legal protection to people excluded from the SIPROIMI welcome. The house, which can accommodate up to 15 people, is supported by the invaluable contribution of volunteers, about 30, who carry out daily socializing activities with guests, from cooking together, to support them in language learning and also to improvise jam sessions 



In October 2018, Immigration and Security Decree n.113/2018 then converted into Law 132/2018, changed, almost to dismantle it, the SPRAR reception system, now called SIPROIMI, depriving holders of humanitarian protection and asylum seekers of institutional reception and denying them the possibility of a path of reception and emancipating integration. From the very beginning, Ciac is mobilizing by promoting information and awareness-raising events within the "I WELCOME" campaign and promoting the extra welcome SIPROIMI for those excluded from the national system who have remained homeless due to the Immigration and Security Decree.

The intense awareness campaign moves the citizens: the Saverians of Parma decide to support the cause by offering us a free loan for the use of a structure no longer used while a network of sensitive citizens asks us to be able to do their part. This is how the Wonderful World project was born, a house managed by CIAC and volunteers, a forge of active citizenship and community development projects built by CIAC together with the welcomed people, the community and the associations of the territory.

Not only welcome but also dinners, exhibitions, workshops and micro entrepreneurship projects.  In fact, an area of the house will be dedicated, in the coming months, to the "Locanda Sociale e solidale": a small receptive structure in the form of a holiday home that, in addition to offering hospitality, can support the work of migrants. 

The project offers: 

  • Prompt Reception and Legal Protection: the project offers not only a response to the housing emergency but also a path of legal protection, accompaniment and health guidance, support in bureaucratic practices.
  • Courses aimed at socio-occupational integration: language training, workshops, orientation to work and orientation to local opportunities
  • An open space for peace: The project intends to insert the paths of welcome and integration in a context open to the community, with the aim of promoting and strengthening the social networks that gravitate around the welcomed people and that - overall - can become bearers of the principles and values that inspire the model of intervention: solidarity, hospitality, peace, non-violence, active citizenship and protection of rights.


It is possible to support the Wonderful World house by participating as a volunteer: if you are interested please send us an email to associazione@ciaconlus.org
You can also support the project with a donation:


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