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Since 2001, CIAC has been a place for the development and testing of innovative practices in the field of welcoming, taking care of, and protecting migrants and refugees, in close synergy with other public and social entities. It currently welcomes about 250 forced migrants in apartments spread throughout the province. CIAC offers multidisciplinary assistance to foreign citizens through thirty local branches.

Since 2015, experiments of coexistence and intercultural relationships between Italians and refugees have been active: 
Refugees in the families, Tandem (co-housing shared by young Italians and young refugees) and the territorial tutor for integration.

In December 2019, the Wonderful World House opened to welcome and provide community protection to migrants who were excluded due to the effects of the Immigration and Security Decrees. 


A story that comes from afar

Since its creation, which has its roots in the 1990s with the experiences of pacifism anti-militarism and solidarity, particularly from defectors and populations affected by conflicts in the Balkans, CIAC has been promoting the approach of protection and widespread reception.

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